Behind The Scenes

Mother’s Day

May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day. 

A day that has mixed reviews. For some, it can be an exciting day to celebrate, while for others, it can bring bitterness or sadness from deep within. Whichever emotion you are feeling today, I hope you know how loved you really are. You might have babies who need your attention constantly. Or how about a toddler who flat out DEMANDS your attention? Or maybe you have both? Regardless, neither can verbalize how much you really mean to them quite yet. Someone needs you deeply, but maybe today you feel underappreciated for all that you do.

I can tell you that in my early years of motherhood, I didn’t love this holiday. I never thought I got “what I deserved” on Mother’s Day. (Sounds awful, right?) I felt underappreciated and I wanted a day OFF from being a mom. I wanted Jon to tend to all my needs and for my kids to be little angels from afar.

But then I felt so much conviction about that. I thought about what my heart’s desire was.


I wanted to run and hide from my kids. They were the reason why I celebrated this day and now I didn’t want to be with them?! I’m sure some moms can relate, but I felt so mad at myself for ever feeling this way. (Not my proudest moment.) Maybe it’s because I’m out of those really hard baby/toddler years now, but I look back on my attitude and so wish it would’ve been different. 

If you’re feeling just like I did years ago, this post isn’t to shame you. I just wanted to share how my heart changed through the years with the help of the Holy Spirit. I started to take my eyes off myself and make it about others instead. One year, I dropped off a little something for my sister, visited with my step-dad and his sweet wife, and of course saw my mom and Jon’s mom too. Those little actions really helped me take my eyes off ME and made it it about the women who mattered most in my life.

I think I can say for certain that all moms want to feel these three things: 




And they want to hear “you’re doing a good job” once in a while. Because being a mom is seriously the hardest job on the planet! There are days when we want to pull out our hair because our kids aren’t listening to us. Or when we walk away from the child throwing a fit because we know we might lose it on them if we try any harder. Maybe you’re in the teenage years? I know I’m experiencing some lip or attitude from a certain 12yr old and it scares the crap out of me. 

What runs through my head? DON’T SCREW THEM UP. 

Parenting is HARD. Incredibly rewarding, but still hard. But there is hope, you guys!! We have a Savior who walks with us through it all and CARES about our every need! And when we feel like we can’t go on? He wants us to cast our cares on Him! Cry out to Him today if you’re sad or feeling alone. And I want to pray for you too! Please comment below (anonymously, if you choose) telling me how I can pray for you today and every day this week.

Happy Mother’s Day to every single mom out there who is just trying to do her best. We see you and you are LOVED. And for the women who are coping with loss or struggling with infertility, I’m praying for you too today.



Just a little shoutout to one of my favorite moms and dear friend, Marie. She took these treasured photos for me and I can’t thank her enough. Love you, Marie Joy!