Karlie + Jordan | Lapham Peak Engagement

May 20, 2019

Karlie and Jordan met through her best friend, who also happens to be Jordan’s cousin. I’m always intrigued by how people meet nowadays. The thought of dating seems so daunting with the Internet and all. It has to be a HUGE relief when you find a guy who is already known by someone you trust because they can totally vouch for his character!

Karlie said Jordan keeps her leveled and he’s always calm and sweet. Even when he’s mad he has a smile on his face!

Jordan said Karlie is his best friend. She is the type-A planner who is always two steps ahead of the game. (I can totally relate, being type-A myself!) These two are so relaxed and sweet and they trusted me with whatever I asked. A former bride and groom sent these two my way (hey Jenna and Doug!) and I couldn’t be more grateful to spend their wedding day with them at the new venue, Fete (pronounced FATE), in Wales this November!